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Pea & mint
Beef & Horseradish Yorkshire puddings
Smoked salmon


Canapes are a great way to start your event, Have them with a glass of fizz or just as party nibbles. We have something for everyone.

Goat’s cheese, red onion & thyme tarts (v)
Honey & mustard cocktail sausages
Tomato, basil & feta bruschetta (v)
Rare roast beef & horseradish Yorkshire puddings
Ham hock & Welsh rarebit on toast
Refried been & coriander tostada (Ve)
Chicken Tikka, lime papadum & mint yoghurt
Tomato, mozzarella & basil skewer (v)
Wild mushroom arancini, aioli (v)
Asparagus, Parma ham & hollandaise 
Pigs in blankets
Poached mussels in a tomato vinaigrette 
Pea, mint & parmesan crostini (v)
Beef carpaccio & blackberry jam on brioche
Mini lamb kofte, tzatziki 
Leek & blue cheese flatbread (v)
Smoked cheddar & parmesan cheese straws (v)
Smoked salmon & lemon cream on blini 
Quail egg & crispy bacon
Beetroot & horseradish bites (v)
Chicken tostada, guacamole 
Smoked ham & cheddar croquettes, mustard mayo

Smoked mackerel pate, cucumber & dill
 Vegetable & feta frittatas (v)
Parma ham, basil & mozzarella skewers 
Hoisin duck pancakes, cucumber & spring onion
Truffled mushrooms & garlic aioli on crostini (v)
Spinach falafel, sun dried tomato & jalapeno (ve)
Mexican roast sweet potato & guacamole (ve)
Prawn cocktail croustade
Courgette & goats cheese bruschetta (v)

We would recommend a selection of five flavours and allow for five canapes per head. We offer staff to serve your canapes or we are happy to prepare your canapes and deliver to your event. Most canapes can be altered to suit any dietary requirements. Get in touch for more details

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